NRCA Historical Documents

Spaulding for Children was charged with the operation of the National Resource Center for Adoption (NRCA) through a grant awarded by the Children’s Bureau. Through this grant, Spaulding was given the task of building the capacity of States, Tribes and Territories to improve adoption systems, integrate policy and practice and develop, expand, strengthen and improve the quality and effectiveness of adoption services provided to children in the child welfare system.  The grant’s goal was to assist States, Tribes and Territories in building and sustaining their capacity through systemic change that would result in the successful adoption of waiting, abused, and neglected children from the child welfare system.  The National Resource Center’s grant ended on September 30, 2014.  Over the 29 years that Spaulding held this grant, there were many documents/publications that were created.  Some of these documents can be found on the Child Welfare Information Gateway at  However, a more thorough listing of the historical documents can be found on this site.  Listed below are the documents that were created by the NRCA that remain accessible to the public:

NRCA Historical Documents



MEPA Curriculum - Trainer's Guide
MEPA Curriculum - Participant's Handbook

Adoption Competency Curriculum

ACC - Trainer's Guide
ACC - Participant's Handbook
DVD Order Form


Permanency Support and Preservation Model
Readiness Assessment Tool for a Community-Based System of Care


Adoption Tapestry

Adoption Tapestry: Adoption Stories Around the Nation

Other Publications

ASAP - A Continuing Public Interest
Permanency Support and Preservation Services Survey Report: A Snapshot of Adoption and Post Permanency programs Across the Nation
Adoption Competence: A Guide to Developing an Adoption Certificate Program for Mental Health Practitioners


Minority Adoption Leadership Development Institute


Revisiting the Guardianship Adoption Guardianship Discussion
Understanding and Complying with Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964

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