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SFC Staff Profile: Pastor Donearl Johnson

Pastor Donearl Johnson Pastor Donearl Johnson learned a lot about trauma and how it affects kids in their development when he worked at Spaulding for Children for 11 years. Pastor Johnson held many positions at Spaulding, including providing all IT support for federal grant projects. He also learned throughout his work about childhood trauma from […]

SFC Staff Profile: Kate Pogany

Kate Pogany, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruitment Specialist   One caring adult can make all the difference in the world to a child in search of a “Forever Home.” Kate Pogany believes that and loves working on behalf of each child. Working in the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK) program at Spaulding for Children, she helps find […]

SFC Staff Profile: Kelly Burdell

Kelly Burdell, Foster Care and Adoption Supervisor “When I first started, I saw that everyone here holds compassion for everyone else,” Ms. Kelly Burdell said. “They are always willing to help out, doing different things – for each other and for those we serve. And that includes the most important thing we do: Finding permanent […]

Spaulding Board Member Profile: Verna S. Green

Verna S. Green,  Member of Spaulding for Children Board of Directors A longtime and active member of the Spaulding for Children Board of Directors, Verna S. Green is the driving force behind Families in Bloom. The community focused event was held in April at St. John’s Banquet & Conference Center in Southfield. Ms. Green recently […]

SFC Staff Profile: Charles Bragg

Charles Bragg shares the best part of his work As Spaulding for Children’s Foster Care Aid, Charles Bragg gets people where they need to be, physically. And he makes sure the children and families Spaulding serves get what they need in every way that he can. Mr. Bragg assists everyone at Spaulding, from the president […]

A Salute to Addie D. Williams

As we commemorate 50 years of service to families and children, we would like to thank one remarkable individual who dedicated two decades of her professional career to Spaulding for Children, our President/CEO from 2000-2016, Addie D. Williams. Recently, Ms. Williams described Spaulding’s life-changing story. “I worked for the State of Michigan for 11 years, and […]

Meet the Wade Family

Like Spaulding, Marsha Wade believes there is a home for every child. And she personally has provided home and family to a good number of children. Ms. Wade is a parent to two biological children, a foster parent to another, and an adoptive parent of 12 more children. All of her 12 adopted children have […]