Why do I stay working at Spaulding for Children?

I don’t stay at Spaulding because I “have to”.  Rather I stay because I support the mission and appreciate the culture of the agency.  Accomplishments are recognized and celebrated; staff are engaged in future planning for the agency; hard work is valued; multiple events are planned so staff can have fun; inclusiveness is a priority; and staff are like a family.  I have worked for several organizations throughout my career, but believe I have saved the best for last.

I’ve been here since December 2004.  That’s through four U.S. Presidents and two Spaulding Presidents.   It’s the most time of any job in my life.   I stay working at Spaulding because and no one likes to list this one first, but we all know it’s the most important, they are generous with the benefits.   Good health care, contributes to retirement, pay increases most years, year-end bonuses, and lots of days off.   It’s not the only thing that keeps me here however.   It’s also a fun, friendly, and rewarding place to work.    They do all kinds of events to help keep employee morale sky-high and we celebrate almost every significant day on the calendar.  Spaulding is not too small or not too big, you get to dabble in a lot of different job functions and gain more skills.   They also try to keep up with the latest innovations and technology. 

When I came to Spaulding many years ago, after being at other child welfare agencies, it felt different.    Who knew that over 25 years later I would still be here?  Spaulding is an organization that does great work and it takes pride in that work.  Spaulding is supportive of each employee, not just an employee but also as a person.  They provide a safe work environment and great benefits.  I have always loved having the week off between Christmas and New Years!  At Spaulding you are never alone, you get support from everyone and when asking for help you would never hear, “That’s not my job.”     

When I interviewed with Spaulding for Children, I genuinely felt a warm welcome and sensed a caring environment.  SFC provides a good learning base and promotes growth for its employees in addition to allowing staff to exercise their autonomy while being a part of a solid team.

SFC ensures its employees are recognized, heard and included, and the agency offers exceptional benefits along with other perks.  SFC is a perfect fit if you’re looking for a small size agency that truly cares about its employees both personally and professionally.

Majority of my experience was from Corporate America.  I was looking for a position in company with a relaxed environment and a vision focusing on improving or helping children.  Spaulding for Children is a foster care agency that focus on the wellbeing of foster children. The company understands the importance of work life balance.  During the pandemic the executive team was very concern about the wellbeing of the employees. Spaulding has an excellent Benefit Plan.