Meet the Wade Family

Like Spaulding, Marsha Wade believes there is a home for every child. And she personally has provided home and family to a good number of children.

Ms. Wade is a parent to two biological children, a foster parent to another, and an adoptive parent of 12 more children. All of her 12 adopted children have had special needs: behavior disorders or cognitive impairments. “I tell them to give me the harder-to-place children,” Ms. Wade said.

Marsha said she realizes that she has always had a lot to give. “I was raised in a large family with fostered and adopted kids,” she said. “When you see the sad stories of children being moved around – especially after being placed – then the family says they can’t continue and then they are returned (to foster care) – it broke my heart.”

One of her children later said to her: “Before you came along, I felt like no one saw me.”

When asked how she has managed to be so successful she cites many sources of support. First is her family of two grown children who often come by her home to help with everything, as well as give her needed breaks to recharge. She also has a friend who is totally committed to help with the kids’ Individual Education Plans (IEP). She seeks other resources from Spaulding to Families on The Move, a support group for foster families which meets monthly.

And then there is her personal motivation and belief: “I always felt that all children deserve to have a family and home of their own.”

Marsha’s Advice to those considering adoption:

  • Be honest with yourself. Check your level of commitment, then ask yourself what you are and are not prepared or willing to tolerate. You may need to adjust your expectations, especially when considering those who are impaired.
  • Identify your needs and then seek support in advance, so it’s there when you need it.

Always be your child’s advocate and don’t wait to get them what they need.