Tutors: Help & Support for Your Student

Help and Support for Your Student

The school year moves fast, and it is easy to get behind. Many, if not most all, students could benefit from tutoring.Recently Detroit school officials announced that they are seeking to extend a contract next year with tutoring nonprofit Beyond Basics to provide continued help for district students far behind in reading skills. In the 2023-24 school year, Beyond Basics would work in eight schools, all of which participated in the program this past school year. The district will fund the program with its own grant funds at these schools:

  • Brewer Academy
  • Bunche Preparatory Academy
  • Fisher Magnet Academy
  • Henderson Academy
  • Marion Law Academy
  • Mason Academy
  • Priest Elementary-Middle School
  • Thirkell Elementary-Middle School

If you are not in these schools, there are other ways to find tutors. Do not wait for your child to fall behind. It is hard to catch up, and it affects the way they think about school — and themselves.

  • Ask their teachers. They should have academic support and resources.
  • Many schools have programs where older students tutor younger ones.
  • Check out the resources at your community center, your church, and your library.
  • Ask other parents who may have older students if they could help.