We Love Our Foster Families

Two kids and a parent

We asked some of our foster parents to share some facts about their families. Foster families are all different. However, they all have the one necessary ingredient for a great home – LOVE.

  • Fun fact: my kids are 6 years apart and both birthdays are in July 3 days apart. – Benita Taite & Family
  • Mrs. Jillyan Fuller has run in 40 half marathons and 10 marathons! Mr. Chad Fuller races derby cars. We live in Clarkston. We got a pool last summer! – Jillyan & Chad Fuller
  • Fun fact about the Carrier Family and our FS (hopefully soon to be officially our son) we struggle with winter activities because we love summer time so much. However, we have found fun activities at our local rolleradium and local bowling alley that has a bounce house, and a company called Grit that offers obstacle course training. In the summer. We love being together to do yard work, ride our 4-wheelers, camping, and our favorite place up north is Oscoda to enjoy the beach. – The Carriers
  • We have three dogs and three cats in the Nickel family. – Kirstin Nickel
  • A. taught himself how to do butterfly kicks, flips, cartwheels, backhand flips, etc. by watching YouTube. M. is the family UNO champ. – Burnetta Bolton and Family
  • The Carlisle family (with L. and S.) have spontaneous kitchen dance parties. We also play Car DJ where each person gets to choose a song. Our current family favorite jam is “Shockwave” by Marshmello. – Becky
  • A fun fact about my family is that we have a family reunion every year. We change locations frequently which have allowed us to visit many places including Anchorage, Alaska and my personal favorite, Orange Beach, Alabama. This is something that we look forward to and we’re eager to start back up post pandemic. – Oradell Cato
  • We love to have family time together. Watching our bundle of joy growing and having fun with her classmates, and her family.  Watching L.’s eyes get big when she hears her daddy’s footsteps and the smile that comes on her face soon as she sees her daddy. – Michelle Gault