This one-to-four day Adoption Support and Preservation Services curriculum training will highlight the key mental health treatment issues faced by adoptive families. In addition to learning about the ways in which adoption is different than forming families biologically, the training will provide specific tools and techniques to help adoptive families build attachments and maintain their commitment to one another.


  • Understand the ways in which adoption is different
  • Recognize the universal issues for adoptees
  • Identify problems common to adopted children
  • Understand the history of adoption
  • Be familiar with the adoption process as experienced by adoptive families
  • Identify characteristics of successful adopters
  • Understand the process of attachment in human development
  • Assess and encourage attachment in children who have been part of the child welfare system
  • Understand the grieving process and the effects of separation and loss
  • Understand techniques to help decrease separation trauma
  • Learn intervention strategies and techniques that address underlying emotional isses affecting children who have been adopted
  • Recognize the need for collaborating across systems on behalf of adoptive families
  • Embrace a non-deficit approach to intervening with adoptive families
  • Recognize indicators of disruption and develop techniques to manage these crises
  • Reframe crises in adoptive families as normal events

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