This one or two day session will assist workers in understanding and balancing their efforts towards family reunification while, at the same time, developing an alternative permanent plan. The session will focus on the philosophy and case management methods used in concurrent planning.


  • Explore the relationship between foster care outcomes and the agency’s approach and parental situation
  • The use of empowering tools and practice in working with families
  • How to manage risk and support birth families
  • The importance of recruiting, developing and supporting foster/adoptive homes
  • Developing reunification plans
  • How to perform culturally respectful family and child assessments
  • Tools, techniques and strategies to involve families in planning for a child’s future
  • Supporting and preparing children throughout the process
  • Explore the critical elements of written agreements and documentation skills
  • How to work collaboratively with all systems involved with the child and family to assure legally sound case planning