This one or two day training will explore the emotional issues and painful experience for those dealing with termination of parental rights as well as the issues related to moving children into an adoptive placement. Practical approaches and clinical interventions to supporting families (biological, foster, adoptive) and case managers through the termination of parental rights process. The training will also explore ways to respond to the issues children present who have experienced previous traumatic events.


  • To recognize the typical emotional issues and responses of those dealing with TPR
  • Examine the emotional issues and behavior challenges those children present throughout the process
  • Review periods of transitions and predictable crisis
  • To recognize and respond to RAD and PTSD in children
  • Provide practical intervention to support children struggling through the stages of grief and other traumatic events
  • Provide practical interventions to support biological, foster and adoptive parents
  • Identify ways to help case managers and foster parents with the feeling surrounding their role in the process