This two day train the trainer session will train agency workers as well as foster parents as co-facilitators in preparing resource parents (foster, adoptive and kinship parents) for parenting children who have been abused, neglected and spent time in the child welfare system. The jargon-free Trainer’s Guide is readily used by both parent and professional trainers. The six video vignettes highlight experiences of children and resource families and provide guidance to potential resource families.


  • Know how resource families differ from families formed by birth
  • Understand how and why children in the child welfare system develop survival behaviors
  • Understand the importance of assessing family strengths and using resources successfully
  • Understand the importance of separation, loss and grief for children who have
    lived in the child welfare system
  • Understand how to help children in transition establish new relationships without giving up former attachments
  • Understand attachment and its importance in successfully raising children from the system
  • Understand that disciplinary techniques used with children from the child welfare system differ from those used with children living with their birth families
  • Understand how to plan for crisis as a predictable part of life as a resource family