This one to five day training session of the Special Needs Adoption Curriculum will provide child welfare professionals an opportunity:


  • To examine the current needs of the adoption field and the participant’s roles within it; to build knowledge and skill in conducting and empowering the adoption process; to contribute to ethnic competence in adoption practice
  • To build skill in the utilization of several tools in the family preparation and assessment process, including the family network diagram, the genogram, and the eco-map
  • To build knowledge and skill in writing a family preparation and assessment summary that contributes to family empowerment
  • To develop strategies for collaboration with colleagues
  • To define key roles the adoption worker plays in post placement services prior to finalization and to enhance the participant’s ability to play these roles
  • To understand the historical context of foster parent adoption and its effect on present day practice
  • To share and examine strategies for engaging the foster family in the adoption process
  • To enhance the capacities of participants to deal with difficult decisions that may be present in foster parent adoption situations