The QIC-AG Partner Site Videos chronicle the sites implementation journey and highlight the personal impact of providing the intervention to children and families.


Each QIC-AG partner site is focused on implementing an evaluable intervention in a particular interval on the continuum, working to understand what services and supports work best to meet the needs of families that are moving to or have been formed through adoption or guardianship. Tennessee implemented an intervention in the Intensive Services interval.


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OVERVIEW – Understand how this site fits into the overall QIC-AG project design and the chosen intervention.

IMPLEMENTATION – Learn about adaptations that were made to the intervention, as well as recruitment and retention efforts.

LESSONS LEARNED – Read about the valuable implementation lessons learned.

Tools and Resources


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Implementation Manager:  Nicole Coning
Consultants:   Stephanie Hodge Wolfe, Kris Henneman
Evaluator:  Nancy Rolock
For questions and inquires please contact communications@qic-ag.org