Teams of professionals provide intensive in-home visiting services to families who may be at risk for child abuse or neglect. Parents were also screened for depression and received a postpartum visit within weeks of giving birth.

In home services include parent education on child development to make sure the children are meeting their developmental milestones, as well as screenings to assess families for domestic violence, depression and substance abuse/use.

Many of the visits are to young ladies who are pregnant or to a mom between the ages of 13-24 years old. Our focus is to enhance the parenting skills they may already have and develop those they don’t. We draw from training and evidence-based programs such as the Healthy Families America program.

Spaulding has merged with Wayne Babies to become Healthy Families America- Wayne in order to deliver in–home prevention services to help parents develop the skills they need to raise children who are physically, socially and emotionally healthy.