A Special Thank You to Maestro Dwight Evans


In 2009, Spaulding for Children board member Donearl Johnson asked Maestro Dwight Evans to come sing and play live music, vocals and keyboards (piano, harp, organ) for our Holiday Party. Mr. Evans agreed and he put on a truly special show for our families and children.And Maestro Evans been doing it ever since!

Mr. Evans began his musical training as a cellist at Durfee Junior High School in Detroit and studied under the direction of cello teacher Ms. Arlene Seaman of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. He continued his studies at Cass Tech High School in Detroit, under the tutelage of piano teacher Ms. Velma Froude, graduating in 1968. He continued his studies at Western Michigan University. Mr. Evans also is a veteran of the United States Army. He served as a Nike Hercules Anti-Ballistic Missile System, Target Tracking Radar Operator. His responsibilities involved protecting the nation from nuclear attack. When Spaulding approached him, Mr. Evans was the Minister of Music for Faith, Hope and Love Church of Detroit, under the leadership of Founding Pastor Rev. Isaac Stevens, and Rev. Donearl Johnson (who is now pastoring). Each year (except for COVID years) Dwight says it’s been “his pleasure” to come perform. But we would add that it’s everyone’s – families, children, staff and all in the Spaulding for Children community! “The best part is the joy I see on the children’s faces, having them come forward and wave and smile at me as I play and sing, seeing them dance, hearing them join in and sing,” Maestro Evans said. “Sometimes I have even had the pleasure of having them come and join in and play with me on their instruments.” “The joy of working with the Spaulding Staff, the other Volunteers like those from the Godmothers, and the 1st Baptist Institutional Church Pastor and staff. Of course, there is also the joy of my wife Rachel assisting me, and the pleasure of working with Cheryl Gist and Stacey Oakes.” What a gift Maestro Dwight Evans is to Spaulding for Children and to our entire community.