Article of Note: Perceptions of Past Abuse

The recollection and processing of childhood abuse or neglect can significantly impact mental health in adulthood, more than the experiences themselves.”

“The research revealed that self-reported experiences of early maltreatment correlated with a higher number of depressive or anxiety episodes later in life, even when compared to individuals with official records of maltreatment but no retrospective recall.”

“The findings underscore the importance of clinicians considering patients’ recollections of abuse or neglect for early identification and intervention. It also opens up avenues for interventions that help manage memories of childhood trauma to prevent future emotional issues.”

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports “The findings suggest that modification of the subjective experience of childhood maltreatment may improve the longitudinal course of emotional disorders.”

To read the Neuroscience News article and link to the JAMA paper, click here.