David Taylor’s speech at 2015 Solutions at Sunrise

“David Taylor, who is 12 years old, spoke at Southwest Solutions fundraising event on October 23, 2015 at the MGM Grand Detroit. The event was hosted by Fox2 anchor Huel Perkins. David’s speech followed the premiere of the short film “The Ground We Gain,” which featured David’s story. After David’s mother became ill, David and his siblings were removed from her home when he was six, and they were placed with relatives. David suffered physical and emotional abuse in his new environment until he was placed in foster care. David was then fostered and eventually adopted by Elaine Taylor, an extraordinary individual who has fostered more than 30 boys in the last 15 years, and who has adopted 10 of them. Southwest Solutions provides family-focused counseling to David and the entire family, and also helped Elaine with the adoption process.” Southwest Solutions