Going Above and Beyond


Mrs. Elaine Taylor has worked with Spaulding for Children for 23 years as a foster parent (and an adoptive parent). She credits the dedicated team members at Spaulding with much of her own success and joy from fostering.Mrs. Taylor recently spoke with Melissa Jenovai about her caseworker, Alexis. We followed up with Mrs. Taylor so we could highlight that special relationship.

“Many of our foster kids get services and support like therapy, but who supports the foster parents?” Mrs. Taylor said. “Spaulding does. And Alexis and her team do.”“I’ve had my caseworker call to pick up medicines for me; take my kids to school; make sure I had groceries – you name it,” Mrs. Taylor continued. “She reached out to me when I was taking several kids to an event and spoke to each of them about what the day might bring. My kids listen to her, and she reinforces what I say so it’s a real team effort.”“We are a team. It’s about the family and Spaulding is completely focused on the whole family.”“Alexis supports the parents and fights for the kids too. She knows their needs and knows how to make sure they are getting the services and resources they need. She also knows the right people and resources to make things happen.”One child Mrs. Taylor was fostering exhibited the signs but had no record of an autism diagnosis, so he was not eligible for services at his school. Spaulding – and in this case, Alexis – found a physician to do an exam and get the diagnosis. He now receives the services and support he needs at school.“We foster parents have things going on in our lives, too! In these 23 years I have lost children and my parents, had surgeries and other health issues, but through it all Spaulding has been there asking what they can do to help!”By making sure the children are supported, foster parents like Mrs. Tayor can also resume other activities in her life that bring her joy. For Mrs. Taylor that involves her many activities with her church. “If it weren’t for my license worker, Veronica, and my caseworkers, Cassie and Alexis, she says she could not get all she needs done. They are what makes my house run.”To learn more about foster care and adoption at Spaulding for children click here.