Graduation for MPLD Class of ’23

Graduation for MPLD Class of '23

Spaulding recently led the graduation ceremony for the largest Minority Professional Leadership Development (MPLD) cohort to date. There were 19 fellows from across the country that graduated from MPLD in December.These fellows spent a year going through courses, getting individual and group coaching and completing an Action Research Project that focused on an issue/challenge in their area. The fellows convened in Washington D.C. to present their Action Research Projects to a large group that included fellows, mentors, and staff from the Children’s Bureau.Among their subjects, projects looked at post adoption issues in their state, looked at the issues resulting from changing a child’s name as part of adoption, identified cultural training needs for adoptive families and much more. These Action Research Projects are available on MPLD’s YouTube page. The program has already started working with the next cohort of fellows who will graduate in September 2024.