This is an intensive three-ten day video driven training that outlines five basic steps in the developmental process of adapting one’s practice to cultural competence. Drawing from the premise that child welfare services must change to meet the diverse and changing needs of children and communities, the training focuses on four cultural groups; African American, Asian/Pacific, Hispanic/Latino and Native American. This training includes an administrative day that focuses on the administrative role in this changing environment.


  • To identify specific roles and related skills for culturally competent child welfare practice, policy development and administration
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of the African American, Asian/Pacific American, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American cultural groups and their respective family values and strengths
  • To strengthen services to culturally diverse families and communities of color
  • To enhance the capacity of participants to work in cross cultural situations
  • To identify strategies that agencies can use to increase cultural competence in practice, administration, and development of policies in child welfare services